Is it a loss if I don't know? Recommended customizations for driving GT cars on public roads

When most people hear the word GT car, they probably think of the speed and style of racing around a circuit. However, there are many car fans who want to experience that charm on public roads. In order to make that dream come true, the GT car customization provided by XENO is attracting attention. This time, we would like to introduce you to a stylish Reiwa-style GT car that catches the eye on public roads, produced by sheet metal repair specialist Furutech.

What is XENO? The charm of GT cars that attract attention on public roads

XENO is a brand uniquely developed for driving GT cars on public roads. GT cars tend to be used only for circuits, but XENO uses Japan's top-level technology to create custom cars that perform just as well on public roads. This makes it possible to enjoy the dynamic driving characteristic of GT cars in everyday driving.

Furutech's carefully crafted beauty

As the name suggests, Furutech is a specialty shop that specializes in sheet metal repair, but we don't just do repairs; we also have a deep commitment to car design. When customizing GT cars, we don't just pursue speed, we also provide sophisticated designs that stand out on the streets. Its design, known as Reiwa style, has gained a lot of support as a symbol of the new era of car life.

Sleek and functional wide-body design

Wide body design is important when customizing GT cars. However, by not just making it bigger, but by giving it a smart and functional shape, it gives off an overwhelming presence while minimizing air resistance. XENO's GT cars have a design that combines elegance and individuality suitable for adults, and are sure to attract attention every time they drive on public roads.

The secret to elegant customization that will captivate even adults

XENO's GT cars are not just flashy and eye-catching. The design, with its attention to detail, has an elegance that can only be appreciated by adult car fans. This elegance transforms everyday drives into something special. A feature of XENO GT cars is that you can feel the joy of owning them every time you drive on the public road.


Customization that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of GT cars on public roads is possible through XENO. The Reiwa-style GT car created by Furutech's advanced technology and sense features a smart and functional wide body design that will attract even adult car fans. To make driving on public roads more fun and stylish, why not take a look at the customization of XENO's GT cars?
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