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[Xeno Official Channel] MOVIE for 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

S-SPEC [Unpainted FRP]

GT-spec [Unpainted FRP 8 pieces]


Sheet metal painting specialty store Furutech

We do painting and customization in-house, including cutting and customizing fenders, so we can accommodate any requests you may have.
Please contact us by all means.

Official website

[SuperGT road spec]

xeno proposes a new style for Reiwa with the theme of [Super GT public road specifications].
We deliver the excitement of driving a GT car on public roads.
A stylish Reiwa style created using Japan's top level technology.

It was created in pursuit of an elegant wide-body design that is smart, functional, cool, and unique, and that even adults can ride.
We are posting the development story from the driving video on the official YouTube.

Official YouTube
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