I want to make a GT car that can be driven on public roads.

Currently, wide-body aero from Japan tends to have a Showa-era image, such as screw-fastened over fenders, but as we sought a smart, functionally cool, unique, and elegant wide-body design for the Reiwa era that adults could also ride, we arrived at a design that adds a sense of luxury and sportiness to the image of a "GT car."

Representative Director Keisuke Furukawa



Xeno is designed with stylish and elegant details in mind.
Basically, it is designed to be inspection compliant so that it can be driven on public roads.

In addition, we have kept the number of parts and production costs to a minimum to keep the price, including installation costs, affordable.
We hope that adults in their 40s and above who loved cars when they were younger and who have now finished raising their children will drive this car.

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