What is Super GT? - A thrilling motorsport with high-powered cars

Super GT is a popular motorsports series that originated in Japan. This grand touring car racing championship features high-performance vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. It was known as the Car Touring Championship (JGTC).

Super GT has a unique format in which cars from two different classes, GT500 and GT300, compete in the same race. The GT500 class features powerful vehicles with approximately 500 horsepower, while the GT300 class features vehicles with approximately 300 horsepower. Races are held at various circuits in Japan, including Fuji Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, and Autopolis.

Many of Japan's top drivers and international drivers participate in Super GT, and it is known for its close and thrilling races. Car manufacturers participate in Super GT to showcase their latest technology and performance.

Super GT has a strong fan base in Japan and has also received international acclaim. Over the past few years, various rule changes and adjustments have been made, and Super GT, with its competitive racing and safety standards, has become an important motorsport championship in Japan and a thrilling race for enthusiasts around the world. We offer

Super GT is a thrilling motorsports series featuring high-powered vehicles. This racing championship from Japan is attracting attention within Japan.

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